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Julia Langdon

Assistant Professor of

Organizational Behavior

ESMT Berlin

I'm an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at ESMT Berlin. I completed my Ph.D. at London Business School. 

As a scholar of behavioral ethics, my goal is to help organizations stop key organizational constituents—senior managers, board members, and employees—from acting unethically by identifying the complex psychological contortions people use to justify unethical behavior. This is the topic of my first program of research. In my second program of work, I try to put the scholarship of morality into action to make sure organizational interventions are evidence-based. Connecting core theories of morality and human behavior to the study of lay theories and diversity, respectively, I propose ways in which organizations can intervene to promote ethical behavior and commit to doing the right thing for a uniquely marginalized and stigmatized social group that has been largely overlooked in the management literature: disabled people.

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